Motion Medical Distributing
Specializes in Customized Procedure Kits for the Emergency and Health Care industries. Located in North Salt Lake, Utah, we have been providing a wide range of Custom Kits, to professionals throughout the United States, for more than a decade.
Our success has been our ability to customize any of the kits we manufacture to the specification of the people who use them.

custom iv start kits

Motion Medical Distributing builds custom Procedure Kits for the Emergency and Health Care industries.

Motion Medical will customize a kit for you with the exact components that you need, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Stop throwing away kit components that you don't use.

Save Time. Save Money.

customized iv start kits customized airway intubation kits customized cricothyrotomy kits
Customized Procedure Kits
IV Start Kits
Obstetrical Kits
Airway Intubation Kits coming soon...
Cricothyrotomy Kits coming soon...
Customize your kits at no extra charge.
Customized kits are all we do. When you use a customized kit you use less components and throw fewer components away when the procedure is complete.
Made In America.
All of our procedure kits are assembled in America.
All Motion Medical Products meet FDA Packaging Requirements.

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